Search for the key in this fun flash based puzzle game


  • Very pretty design
  • Intuitive controls


  • Very short

Very good

Windowsill is a cute little puzzle flash game, half of which is contained in this demo, and the other half available for $3 from the Windowsill homepage.

Your job is to interact with the objects in each room, and look for a hidden key so you can move your odd wheeled vehicle onto Windowsill's next room.

Windowsill's minimalist, smooth and pretty graphics are quite impressive, and they react in cool ways to mouse clicks and drags. Some of the puzzles are more or less just searching the screen, whereas others are more convoluted. While none of them are particularly taxing, they are all satisfying, and executed with amusing animations.

The game is pretty short, and completing the demo will only take you 20 minutes assuming you get a bit stuck! Nevertheless, you'll enjoy the experience.

Windowsill is an easy, but inventive and really pleasant little puzzle game.




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